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I never had a chance

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Damian Wayne in Son of Batman

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Concept Art for Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate’s cinematic

by Calum Alexander Watt

Made in Sketchbook Pro, the above images are for the cinematic to Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, which can be found here.

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Make-A-Wish Foundation made this kid’s dream come true. What a wonderful thing that has happened.

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Animated Ian-Navarros Patrol

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I just saw the announcement for JWittz having made it to season two of King of the Nerds and I’m ridiculously excited for him like fuck yeah! He’s gonna be repping the pokemon nerds and i just don’t even know I’m really excited okay

Well….for the 3 episodes he is on before being eliminated, mark my words. 

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set after the events of Dark Knight Rising this fan film centers on the actions of The Red Hood. 

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You Wanna Play With Me by Admira Wijaya


You Wanna Play With Me by Admira Wijaya

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Loeb and Lee

Batman : Hush

Loeb and Lee

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War Games #24

Stephanie thinks of Tim and her baby in the moments before her death.

Hey, don’t scare people like that! She never died! She simply went into hiding for a year in Africa (Was it Africa? I think it was Africa).

no.  Steph died as a good soldier…then she was retconned back to life.   Might as well have had superboy prime punch the universe.  




Dead Robins

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